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Mental health is everyone’s business.  Let’s take care of it.

With 500,000 people missing work this week due to mental illness, the mental health of employees can no longer be ignored.

Stigma accounts for a big part of the problem. In fact, while 44% of workers say they have or have had mental health issues, only 23% would actually talk about their mental health issues or illness with their employer. Only one-third of Canadians facing mental health problems or illness report getting help.

That’s why we developed our Not Myself Today campaign – to focus on helping companies and organizations achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Better understanding of one’s own mental health
  2. Reducing stigma
  3. Fostering a safe, open and supportive work environment

Not Myself Today is based on a shared insight – the feeling of not being oneself – that connects people to the topic of mental health and helps builds empathy for those who may be facing challenges.  

With Not Myself Today, participating organizations receive support, tools and resources to educate and engage all employees around this very important issue.

Since 2013, we have had over 320 companies and organizations, of every size and industry, take part in the Not Myself Today campaign. Not Myself Today 2016 kicks off April 2nd with enhanced activity leading up to and during Mental Health Week in early May. Organizations can run their Not Myself Today events and activities at any time during the calendar year.

* Not Myself Today was created to help reduce stigma and improve mental health at work. It is not meant to provide services for people in crisis or seeking treatment. If you are in crisis and need help, please click here.